Rates & Reviews: Basic Concept We Use To Grade Online Casinos

A lot of people enjoy betting online. Some take their little hobby more serious than others. Truth be told – so should you. The internet is overfilled with fakes and frauds. Those obnoxious tricksters will cost you your hard eared money without nay satisfaction.

Loosing fare and square is a gamble – a noble entertainment. Loosing without even a chance for victory is fraud that shall not be tolerated. And that is the exact reason to why we have included rates and reviews into our daily routine.

The team

We could have never gotten as far as we are today without team of dedicated experts who have found their life’s calling in casino reviews. Three people are the cornerstone of our expertise; they are the heart and soul of the process.

Let’s make the long story short and introduce these digital rock-stars. Please welcome:


Reviews on our site are accurate. Our team has conducted expensive, scrupulous research. We have carefully analyzed every single casino that’s listed on pages of our site. An entire rating system was invented purely for this purpose.

We provide unique content that’s both informative and engaging thanks to one rule of concept: you are our number 1 priority. You are the cornerstone of our research. That’s why we evaluate such elements of a potentially friendly online casino as:

All in all, our services are dedicated to provision of maximized comfort for the gambler.

But how do these guys rate sites?

We disregard the art of educated guesses. Unlike most review providers in the industry our experts don’t just go on a site for several spins. For once we tend to play the dust out of the widest majority of games offered on a website.

We tend to visit sites during peak loads. We also practice occasional re-visits to see what’s changed and what’s new. This way we assure players are provided with the best possible environment.

Additionally we take a fine look on the following elements of an online casino:

We also pay a lot of attention to countless other factors that seem minor from the start, but form into the bigger picture if combined. Elements of a site like the installation process (if any), registration, load speeds, etc. are pivotal to players in the long run.

Our rating categories

Quality is a measurable metric. Here’s how we divide the qualities of a casino based on what users want in order to measure performance:

That’s pretty much it. That’s how we grade and evaluate online casino websites.